Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 73: Planning Salvation

Yeah, we`re going to baptize our investigator on Sunday. He is so ready. Its been incredible seeing how fast he progressed. We only met for a little over a month. Now he`s changed a lot and he is getting baptized. We really kept up on our planning for him, so we were able to have his interview, announce it at church, and still have a week to make sure all the little details are in place. We set the baptismal date on our second visit with him, and with careful planning everything worked perfectly. That is, of course, because the Holy Ghost helped us out selecting the date and doing the actual planning. ^^

The ward loves him. And they noticed we had planned so well and complimented us on that as well. He is going to be a strong member and great help in this branch.

We had the training meeting in Kobe on Tuesday, and then the Zone Training meeting on Friday. Me and Elder Mergist trained the zone (22 missionaries not including us) for over 3 hours. It went really well. Received many compliments and I really think it is going to be a great help to many of the companionships.

Looking forward to a great Christmas Party on Saturday and a Baptism on Sunday!

love you all,

There were a lot of missionaries this time. this is Elder Mergist at the pulpit type thing we constructed. ^^

This is what I look like when I`m giving training! haha. maybe.

This is an area right by the church. The church is seriously the most inconvenient place ever. haha. middle of no where. It does have this catholic school nearby though. (pictured) I thought it was funny that it was right by a Shinto shrine. and then there was like a communication tower right by the shrine.

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