Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 75: A remarkable Miracle 著しい奇跡

How incredible it is to participate in the establishment of a stake of Zion! The Lord`s blessing is upon this people. Everything so far is just falling into place. The biggest part of the work is yet to come.

We had a meeting for all trainers and trainees in Okayama on Wednesday, we had to stay the night the day before and got back late Wednesday night. Then, on Friday I went to Niihama for their district meeting so I could do translation for them, since they need it more than my district. To get to the morning meeting in Niihama we had to get on a train that was a half hour bike ride from the apartment.... by 5:58 AM! woah, that is early. Get in the train and its all still pitch black for almost 2 hours. We arrived and then walked through a blizzard we were not prepared for to get to the church! haha. It was a great meeting though.

The coolest part of the week was yesterday. so...... one of the investigators from another Area came to our church since he actually lives in Matsuyama. And the guy is sooooo ready for baptism! so, he hadn`t heard all of any of the 4 lessons yet, but Elder Mergist really thought he could be baptized a lot earlier then his current goal in February. So, he came on Thursday, and Elder Mergist taught him lessons 1, 2, and 3 in a couple hours. Then he came on Sunday, and all 4 missionaries, him, and the investigator who we baptized last week went in a room. I wrote every single commandment on the board. In 2 hours we had taught all of them and he had solidly committed to live every single one.

I did the interview, since he was a district leader`s investigator.

He`s getting baptized next week.

The Lord loves his people in Japan. In that room for those 2 hours, we had every person who needed to be there to address his every concern and get him baptized so he can help us establish the church on Shikoku. The man we baptized last week is the most solid convert I`ve ever seen and is already an incredible blessing in the branch.  The time has clearly come for a stake to be formed, the people that will bring in the drive to do it are progressing through the gospel and being baptized way fast. Both of them were found, taught, and baptized in about a month and a half.

So grateful to be a part of this tremendous work.  The spirit here in Shikoku island is so evident.

Matsuyama has 663 members in the boundaries. The sister missionaries are assigned now to visit all of them, bring as many back as possible, and make clear member records so that we can turn in the application to become a stake by next general conference.  That means visiting 57 people a week. Which is impossible. So we will probably be called on to help as well. haha ^^

This truly is the Lords work. Its time the church was established on Shikoku so the saints can receive the full blessings of the gospel in the latter days.

love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

P.S. We will be teaching English on Christmas night, since it is a Wednesday.

Lots of buses again! haha.

It was WET snow. haha. These are the Imabari (area name) missionaries.

I love sushi. Its probably a problem.

ummmm.......... I don`t know either so don`t ask.  the customer.

The bus home from Niihama was completely empty except for us for like an hour. kind of funny.

Its Christmas! on some mountain on Shikoku!

Cool to see some snow.

yeah. That is all the commandments

GOT NEW FLIERS! they`ve been announcing these for over a year and we finally got them. The blue ones were TERRIBLE! handed out thousands and only one person ever came from them. haha.

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