Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 72: Power of Prayer 祈りの力

So our companionship had a miracle that made the mission wide E-mail! pretty great.

Our super awesome investigator just got more awesome.

So the only thing stopping him was he needed to stop smoking... he was at about 10 a day. He said it was impossible. But we told him it was and we`d pray so he could stop. He said he would try.

We also assigned him to read the 10 commandments as homework, because we were going to teach that next.

We come back and the first thing he says is he stopped smoking cold turkey. flat out.

He told us he was smoking one day, and thinking about the 10 commandments he read. especially the part about bearing false witness. He realized that he was lying to us when he said he would try to stop smoking. then, he started a coughing fit, really bad. He said he almost died. but he made it though, and he trashed all his cigarettes and committed himself to never smoke again. He told us it was because we were praying for him.... he could feel our prayer power. He then told us that there was nothing stopping him from baptism any more, he has faith and has repented of his sins. His interview is on Friday!  So excited.

The work`s going good. should be a good week

love you all!

going to kobe again today for mission leadership conference. Me and Elder Mergist will leave our brand new missionaries for a whole day to go. Should be fun for them! haha.

Elder O`Reilly

sorry, took no pics this week. :(

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