Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 81: Island Adventure. And a miracle. 島での冒険。奇跡。

We had the coolest island adventure ever. All 6 Matsuyama missionaries went to Gogo Island just for preparation day. The ferry was less then $3, and the island was way cool.  We did get lost on the island and were late coming back though. haha. The island has tons of clementines....  you can even find them floating in the ocean!

So this week we had a goal as a mission to get 400 non-members to church. The previous all time goal in the Asian north missions I heard was 210. So it was a pretty crazy goal.

But, we had faith. The mission president said we could do it.

A letter was sent out to all the branches, just talking about this goal. It was read at all meetings.

From our zone, our previous record was 23 people in one week in the 5 areas.

This week we had 56 people.

The mission had 396 people at church!

It was an incredible miracle. We doubled the previous record in all of Japan and Korea.

Most importantly, many many people were able to come to church for the first times in their lives. They have started a journey that ends in Eternal Life.

The Gospel is so great!

I bore my testimony yesterday (testimony meeting). I talked about how I`ve come to church for many years. Through the years, there have been a lot that has changed, but one thing that has been consistent is the Love God has for me, that I can feel at church. Coming to Japan, that feeling is perhaps the only thing that is consistent.  God truly loves his people!

The atmosphere at church was ecstatic. Here in Matsuyama, 20 non-members / long time less actives came. It was truly a great spiritual meeting.

The work moves on!

love you all

Us on the ferry. It was way cool.

up the first mountain of the island (by the way, this is the Island that Sis. Haley`s mom went to every summer!)

There is a mikan roller coaster that goes all over the island!  (mikan = clementines. Mini oranges)

me on a rock.

we had to go rock climbing a tiny bit.... haha. thought we would try to take a different way back.

Me in the rock throne. oh yeah.

The group!

There were a TON of beaches.  ....... because it was an island.

ummm... awesome

Me with Bamboo swords.

The ferry ride back. It was a nice boat for $3

I made Fried rice surrounded in thin egg..... and then put kimchi and mayo on top!

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