Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 82: Final Mission 結局の使命

My stay in Matsuyama has come to a close.

Its been an amazing time here. The baptism I was able to be a part of, and the many others who will at some point in the near future receive Baptism.  There are many clear reasons why I was called to Matsuyama.

We had a Zone Training meeting. Me and Elder Mergist giving training for 3 hours. Went really well.

Where am I being transferred to....?  That would be...... Kouchi. The southern half of Shikoku, largest area in the mission. Who is my companion....? I don`t know. uhhhhhh....... yeah. I`m training AGAIN. this is training number four. someone shoot me. no just kidding. But I really was hoping not to watch the district videos again. I have most of them memorized. haha.

So. I will not be a zone leader or a district leader. But. I have a new responsibility.

I don`t know if you remember when I told you about Stake missionaries, and their role to help people come back to church so that we can create a stake, but I`ll be a Stake missionary. (president said only companionships with a Japanese elder / sister would be called as stake missionaries..... maybe my new companion will be Japanese? or they consider me Japanese? haha. Either way is cool I suppose.)

So Shikoku needs 5 wards to become a stake. Right now........... 4 have enough priesthood holders. The only other branch anywhere close to doing it?   That would be Kouchi. Basically, if me and my brand new missionary companion are successful in Kouchi, then all 40+ missionaries on Shikoku will have been successful in the Shikoku Stake project. Woah.

So my work is cut out for me. Clearly, the Lord knows I can do it, and that is why he is sending me there. I can`t wait to rely on Him and get started.

I go to Kobe on Friday to pick up the new missionary. Then take the 2 day journey to kouchi. haha XD

Love you All!

Elder O`Reilly

It was Elder Fuller`s birthday, and Elder Hunt who was here for Companion exchanges had a birthday too...... so we kind of went to a way good place to eat.

Changed the set up for ZTM this time. It was better this way.


made tempura with onion and chicken. it was way good.

There was a really cool Matsuri going on one day.  Imagine all the people you ever saw in your entire life. Now multiply it by 5. That is how many people were there.

'Come with me, chocolate banana. Together, we shall bring all unto repentance!'

Put fish eggs (ikura) on rice and ate it. It was way good.

This is one of our new investigators! I told her that I would be speaking for the last time, and she came to church! (by the way..... I spoke in church.  I went over 20 minutes.)

Put squid on rice and ate it. It was way good.

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