Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 83 : Kochi 高知

Its Kochi! This place is way cool. The area is by far the largest one in the mission.  Its really huge. the closest area is like over 2 hours away by high speed bus. uhhhh..... yeah really far. On Friday, there was a crazy blizzard all over the mission! and it was transfer day. haha. dang it.  So went from matsuyama to okayama to kobe back to okayama then to kochi. Look at a mission map. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. like 20 hours of travel. The buses all shut down to the snow, so we had to take a train..... and the only train that goes straight there is super expensive, but we made it! haha. Got back the the apartment and just collapsed as soon as possible.

We arrived, and one of the bikes was in a repair shop already. bummer. haha. It got fixed today, but we walked around a ton!!! so we have the responsibility to visit every single less active, and try to get as many as possible to return to church. Most importantly, if kochi branch can get 3 more active M. Priesthood holders in the next 3 weeks, shikoku can become a stake! there are a few priests that could possibly become elders, and there are tons of less active elders and even a few high priests. In the 2 days we were here so far, we were already able to set up an appointment with 1 Elder, 1 priest, and get an Elder to come back to church yesterday! Everyone we have selected to visit has had positive reactions so far. Now that we have bikes, we can visit a lot more. haha. We walked for over 10 kilometers yesterday.

My companion is way cool. His dad served a mission in Japan, and married one of the sister missionaries from his mission. So he is half Japanese. His Japanese is way good already, but I have to do all the kanji reading. (which is a lot with this responsibility, record and map reading)

Looking forward to another great week! The Lord's hand is apparent here in Kochi!

love you all
Elder O'Reilly

The shoes died. One pair will make it,  but the other pair is dead.

Last English class in Matsuyama

Heart shaped meatloaf! Mom's influence spreads to Japan. ^^

Snow as seen from the train

Me and Elder Weir found this house yesterday. Its just someones house..... crazy.

This is my new companion, Elder Weir.

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