Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 84: Kochi! 高知!

Kochi is a great place. It is also really really really really big. really big. really really big. So we are supposed to visit all the members living here..... but outside of kochi city..... its pretty far. We went out with members all day on Saturday, and were able to contact a bunch of far away people. set up one teaching appointment! and it is 13 kilometers away. on this wednesday. haha. We are going by train so that it doesn`t take the whole entire day.

This week we went over 100 kilometers on bike. Yes, that is a long way. haha. But we were able to find 2 new less actives that will meet with us regularly starting last week, and several that can do that starting next week! looking good.

Sooooo....... As far as the building a stake on Shikoku goes. Basically everyone is depending on us still. the other 4 branches have hit the requirements, and if we can get 3 more elders to come to activity, we have a stake.

The goal deadline is in 3 weeks.

Good news! 2 elders are one interview away from `activity` and an active, tithe-paying elder is moving to kochi branch!!!!  So things are looking like it will be possible. We are working closely with the branch and they are helping us a ton.

Had a few people who really have no interest in listening to us..... which is too bad because they got baptized already! but we found a lot of people with interest in returning as well. Kochi has the 2nd highest number of members, 360ish. Only an average of 39 come to church though. what?!?! got to change that! ^^

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

The shopping district in Kochi. (I think I finally thought of a good translation for this place!)

The members here give us pizza every week!! this was in the mail box. I was like......... WOAH!!! PIZZA IN THE MAIL!!!!

In a tunnel on the way somewhere.

February Mission Leadership Council

An investigator sent this picture of her coming of age ceremony. (she turned 20 last year, so she participated in the ceremony last month.) its a huge deal. People spend thousands of dollars that one day.
Elder Weir (new trainee) and Trevor

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