Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 86: Final stretch 最後の努力

Last week of the Shikoku stake project. The project is going well. looks like we`ll have a stake! it`s going to be great.  The members could really use a stake! It is very different from a district of areas. The blessings that are contained in a stake are incredible.

Working with a lot of less active people, I`ve thought a lot about what causes lasting conversion. Many people we visit say they are just doing a different life now, they can`t go back. That they will yield themselves to such temptations from Satan is really too bad.  If they had a more solid testimony of the atonement and what it can do in their lives, things would be so different.

Also, less active members are always not reading scriptures, and not praying. and of course, not attending church. Those three things are SOO IMPORTANT!  never forget those things. The funny thing is that when you ask them why they haven`t been going to church, none of their excuses really make that much sense. They were just lead away by temptation.

I just want to tell them:

how have your prayers been lately?

uhh...... I haven`t been praying.


But then I decide to be nice and like the Savior and I choose better words. haha.

We had a ton of conferences in far away places (kobe, matsuyama) , so it will be nice to just stay in kochi for a couple weeks. going to get some good work done!

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

We are really close to the ocean in Kouchi, so loooootsss of really cool bridges.

Found a cool bridge

Made doughnuts and gave them out to people! look how cute these are. haha. Actually they looked like meatballs.  Doughnut flavored meatballs! all right!

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