Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 85: General authority address 中央幹部の説教

It was a good week! just an hour ago I went to the ear doctor and got my ears cleaned out thoroughly. I'm sure you all wanted to hear that. But it was actually really cool. They had a camera in my ear the whole time so I could watch the whole thing. It was gross. they used a tiny vacuum and a metal hook. I can hear better now. The ear doctor in Japan is way high tech! haha. and it only cost $11.

We had a general authority come tour the mission again. Elder Whiting. I`d never heard of him. He gave some really good training about the Atonement.  The Atonement is the answer to everything. I`ve learned that time and time again on my mission. When I was in the MTC, we had Elder Kikuchi come to give a talk. (he`s Japanese) He told us that there was one souvenir that we should all gain while on our missions, and that was the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Take it home as a souvenir. When he said that, I didn`t really get it. But now I understand. I can feel the atonement work in my daily life, cleansing me, and equally as important, giving me the capacity to do the work of God. I have felt it work through me to convert the souls of others. Speaking as directed by the spirit with the enabling power of the sacrifice of the Savior`s atonement is literally the coolest thing there is.

I`ve also learned another important thing on my mission. The atonement doesn`t make anything easier. That isn`t the point. The atonement gives us the ability to do things beyond our power. Gives us the capacity to put forth effort beyond our own.

The Savior lives! The fact that he lives is the ultimate proof of his Victory over death, and the source of hope, so that we know where to look to receive a remission of our sins. The Atonement allows us to receive divine help in our daily lives, and eventually continue down the path that leads to Eternal Life.

Love you all,
Elder O`Reilly

oh by the way, the effort for building a stake is going well. We are going to have to rely on the Lord a lot for the next 2 weeks, but through the Lord`s grace, the Stake will be formed on Shikoku within the month!

me and my companion at the Okayama conference. a sister who I don't even know photo bombed it. haha :P

crossing the ocean on a bridge back to Shikoku after a meeting in Okayama on Thursday.

My companion's grandma sent this awesome package! (she lives in north Japan) sooooo much food! haha.

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