Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 87: The Apartment あのアパート

So. This week we were visiting some more less actives. ( we are supposed to visit all 300+ of them... so yeah haha. ) and we got to this one. We got near the area and asked someone if they knew this person. they told us `yeah, she is over there in that apartment on the top floor. You`ll hear the music.`  so we went over there. yeah, we heard music alright. got to the entrance of the apartment, and we hear this Gothic style opera music like out of a horror movie blasting from the apartment. we entered, and it was even louder. We climbed the stairs. there was random stuff everywhere. a fridge.  a table. we kept climbing. Get to the top, and there is the boom box blasting the music. can`t even hear each other at this point. Then we knock on the door. She answers. we try to ask if she is who we are looking for, and she responded with the alphabet. I was very confused. Still not sure if we visited the right person.......  but it was very interesting. the story is way too long to write it all here, but a lot of strange things happened. haha. The conversation made no sense at all. She apparently owns the entire apartment building though. She walked right into a few of the other rooms, that were also full of random stuff.

So far we have located 30+ people who have expressed some interest in returning to church. 2 people came back to church.... a Melchizedek priesthood holder and an older aaronic priest. but we found 2 more that look like they will come back this week.  Most people we try to find moved away 10+ years ago! but the people we do meet have been pretty nice. A good reminder of the importance of Home teaching. IT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!

found several really great people this week. A few that could be active members in a matter of weeks. ^^ The people here are great, they just need to be loved.

Looking forward to another week in the service. Yesterday was the goal day for establishing the stake, but we didn`t quite make it. So we are going to continue a little longer. There is only so much missionaries can do to increase the number of active Melchizedek priesthood. But the members are stepping up, so the stake should be established really soon.

Love you all
Elder O`Reilly

Elder Weir on a bridge

Found giant burgers.

Take that flower pollen!!(very common thing to do in Japan to avoid allergies)
The other kochi Elders. We went to Kochi castle today.

Kochi castle

From the top of the castle.

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