Sunday, September 23, 2012

日本の冒険!Week 10: Shining Hope! 輝きの希望

Things are starting to get crazy over here - 9 investigators in the teaching pool, with the 3 same progressing investigators. (二口、森村、遥(Futakuchi, Morimura, Haruka))

So, contrary to what I just said, it was a pretty slow week. Our PIs weren`t able to meet with us because they were all crazy busy. (tests, work in 北海道, and something else) but we were still able to do some awesome stuff, and plan an awesome week for the coming week!

We taught a new investigator! 一瀬姉妹(Sister Ichise) 金人!Golden! So she came to the church 2 years ago, and we somehow just now got her number. Somehow, she got a triple scripture set. We asked her if she had read any of the Book. She said  "Well, I read up to this Moroni chapter 10, but nothing after that... haven`t read this D&C stuff at all."

"What?? you haven`t read D&C yet?!" haha.  It was actually closer to something like "WOAH that is awesome!" haha. ^^

"Can you share some of your favorite scriptures with me?"

"Um.... yes. Yes we can do that."

So that lesson went awesome. We are teaching her again in a week from Wednesday. After we taught her this week, we taught 英会話, which is always a blast. I suggested we play "Do you love your Neighbor?" which turned out really fun.

Sunday was awesome! 二口兄弟 came to sacrament, we sang a musical number (me, Hale 長老、 the 伝道主任 and his wife, with 可奈子姉妹 at the piano). After Sacrament, 二口兄弟 had to go take care of some work stuff, but came back in time for the YSA FHE, which was way fun. Had a lesson, prayer, snacks and such. It was good for 二口兄弟 to get to know everyone since his baptism is coming up soon! (Pray for him! (Futakuchi))

Just something from my studies this week. ^^  Shining hope:

It is not enough for our hope to dimly light our own path to eternity, we must let our hope shine, guiding others to that same happiness. As others find their way from our light (hope), Their own hope (light) increases, and combines with our own light. Thus both hopes build up from each other. Soon the entire path is illuminated by our light along side those we have lifted up. Then will we more fully realize the greatness of the path, and our desire to show others the way increases. When we arrive at our destination, our Joy will be full because of all the people we have brought through this amazing truth, through our Shining Hope.

Well, that was basically the highlights of the week. Met some other people, who might start to show more interest in the next few weeks. We had lots of time to find people, haha. ^^




Next week on adventures in Japan:

Elder O`Reilly goes to 金閣寺, meets with all 3 progressing investigators at least once, 3 less actives, 2 member appointments (meals! ^^) a speech contest in 京都 with a new investigator, a day long exchange in 伏見, and....... assuming he can find enough time to meet with us a couple times, a Baptism! (二口兄弟) We might have to postpone it if his work is too busy.... but if all goes well he is ready! ^^

Yeah, be crazy excited for the report next week. It should be crazy.

So boring pics this week. Didn`t really take the camera anywhere cool. haha. In fact, all the pics below are from inside my apartment, out the window.

Yep, just a cool view out the apartment window sunday morning. 
Another view from the window, the same morning.

Um.... another view. The same morning.
Ok, fine! I`ll get more of a variety this week! gosh!

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