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日本の冒険!Week 8: Faith Overwhelming! 信仰は力強い!

Alright, who was it? Someone over there has a ton of faith. Thanks for sharing! haha. Last week I asked you all to pray for us to find people. Well we did! And here`s how it all went down, in this weeks episode of

日本の冒険!Week 8: Faith Overwhelming! 信仰は力強い!

So. We found people this week. Tuesday, 2 days after I e-mailed, we set up an appointment with a new investigator ( a married couple, actually). That hasn`t happened in a little while, so that was good. ^^ The same day we found another Family with interest. No appointment yet, but I smell one not too far off! haha. ^^ The next day, we met with a new investigator, a referral from a member! the lesson went very well, and we are going to meet her again this wednesday! So good stuff! The Next day, We met with the family who we found last week. The wife and kids were asleep when we got there, so the husband came outside and we taught him for a good amount of time. Don`t know exactly his story yet, but it is interesting. For example, during the lesson, we asked how he felt when he first saw his child. He told us he was blind when she was born. Oh. um. are you blind now? No, I got over it. Oh. Didn`t know you could do that. Anyways, sounds like he has a very interesting story. He was very interested in our message and was happy to recieve a BoM. We`ll see him again, hopefully with his family, later this week.

So thanks for all your prayers! By all means, please continue to pray for that! ^^ I really felt the faith this week! In fact...... if you don`t mind, you could also pray for me to understand Japanese! ^^ Speaking isn`t really too much of a problem anymore, but understanding is tough sometimes. Praying for me is the best way you can support me! ^^ thanks everyone!

So our progressing investigators. 二口兄弟 isn`t super sick anymore! ^^ He came to church. We taught him a lesson. He had forgotten almost everything. -.-   haha. It`s been 2 weeks since we taught him. His faith is strong, but he didn`t remember why Jesus Christ was important, so we will definately talk about that with him this week. ^^ Unfortunately, he is getting transferred to 北海道 in October, and won`t return until Christmas. So we aren`t sure what to do there, but we`ll figure it out.

森村兄弟。 Doing really well. Wasn`t able to make it to church, but we taught him on Thursday, and we are teaching him today at 6. Actually, the lesson on Thursday was awesome! haha. He is a super funny guy sometimes. For example, at the end of the lesson my comp. apoligized for talking so much and not letting me talk, and next time he was going to let me talk pretty much the whole time. ( he does talk a lot, haha) 森村兄弟`s response was priceless though. haha. `Really?! That`s Wonderful!! I think I`m going to Cry now!` HAHAHA. Yeah, he is a super funny guy. Also very hard working. We asked him to read a passage twice and take some notes on it. When he returned for the next teaching appointment, he told us it took him 5 read throughs to understand it, but he did now. Then he gave us a one page report on why baptism was important. Way cool guy! Might not be baptised super fast though. He wants to read the whole BoM before baptism. We`ll be working with him, but hopefully he reads fast! ^^

Anyway, short on time.

Osaka stake 40th anniversary party was way cool! about 300 - 500 members from all around the area came, and it was a super neat experience! lots of talks (that I didn`t really understand, haha) and tons of people to meet. Apparently I shook hands with 2-3  people from the Seventies. Not sure which ones those were though, haha. :P The stake center was way cool (pics in a sec) and it was a really cool experience overall. Tons of missionaries there.

Ok, other cool thing of the week. So our mission is starting something that is supposed to change missions around the world. So usually, the mission pres. gives training to zone leaders, zone leaders give to district leaders, and district leaders give to everyone else. Our mission just started this month to skip the district leaders and have zone meetings once a month, where everyone learns from the zone leaders! so that is supposed to take effect other places soon as well. Our mission president had the Idea. So we went to 京都 for a zone meeting that was 3 hours long. Pretty cool stuff. ^^

Anyway, hope you are all doing great, I know I am ^^ Have a wonderful week all!


Next week, on adventures in Japan: Elder O`Reilly meets with 3 of his new / newer investigators, both of his progressing investigators, and goes to Kobe for a trainee training at the mission home! also, Elder O`Reilly goes (today) to 清水寺!

Trevor got his camera back!
Dinner one night.

Random shot out of the train. Lots of train rides. pretty fun! ^^

`Nother random shot. Japan is so awesome........

Little Imp things! all over the city that the stake building
 of Osaka was in. Cool looking things.....

Random building in the middle of the city ( Osaka )

It was a pretty big city. ( Osaka )

Stake center! ( the parking was insane! never seen cars so tightly parked! It was like that one traffic board game thing! only one car can move in the huge block of parking space! ( didn`t take a pic of the insane packed cars, sorry!))  !!!!!!

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