Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The members loved us a ton this week. haha!! ^^

Well hello thousands of adoring fans, and welcome to 日本の冒険!Week 7.

So it was an interesting week. The members loved us a ton this week. haha!! ^^ by that I mean we received many blessings in eat-able form this week. \(^o^)/ for example, our ward mission leader took us to dinner twice this week! haha.

Once was to the sushi place I went to before. It was really quite a funny experience. He was pretty excited that I liked sushi. haha. He was like, ooohh, try this! and his wife would be like, Let him choose! haha. I only chose 5 plates of the 21 plates and 2 dishes that I consumed that evening. haha. Almost exploded, but it was awesome. He would do things like, oh, grab that one. `is it for you?` yeah, yeah, grab it! haha. Then he would eat one of the sushi from the plate and pass it to me. you have to try this it is so good! haha!  I was pressured into taking some plates..... haha. Oh take that one! it is ABSOLUTELY delicious. This one? YES. TAKE IT.

The other place they took us was a restaurant type place. I ordered one thing, and apparently they ordered 2 other things for me. LOL. So I basically had 3 meals. Wayyyy good food though. A 寿司 sampler tray thing, plate of 天ぷら, a plate of うどん and a bunch of other stuff. Way stuffed after that too, haha. Then they drove us to some other place for dessert. haha.

So those were on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, at 英会話 class, (I told you we taught English every week, right? its really fun!) a member brought us a whole chicken, 2 ice creams, and about 30 rolls. So that was delicious. ^^

On Sunday, we usually get a couple things from the members. This week we received so much we couldn`t fit it in our back-packs, and a member had to drive it to our apartment! haha. So we`re feeling the love. Having 2 progressing investigators come to church regularly seems to have sparked something. ^^

At church yesterday I asked members some Language questions I had. I was pretty happy that they asked me how long I studied Japanese in the US, not if I had studied it. ^^ They thought that someone native in Japanese wrote down the questions, because of the Kanji. So that made me pretty happy. ^^

So.... about the 2 progressing investigators. well they didn`t come to church this week.... :(  森村兄弟 had work, and 二口兄弟 was wayyy sick. 101.3 fever. So we`re praying for them both! ^^ We taught 森村兄弟 twice this week, and he is really progressing. We had him write us a report on Baptism, something that was highly encouraged at the zone meeting we had. It went really well. He understands everything he needs to do to feel the spirit and be baptized, and he`s doing it! we asked him to read Mosiah 18 twice to learn about baptism, but he ended up reading it 5 times! (O.O) so that was exciting. 二口兄弟 we didn`t teach this week. He was sick all week. We gave him some scriptures to read by E-mail, (Cell phones in Japan don`t text (well they can, but they usually don`t) they E-mail) and he read those. We might visit him at his house this week if he is not better (we usually meet at the church), we just recently acquired his address.

We also helped some members in the ward recently translate Japanese into English for a speech contest, which is really fun and really helpful for learning Japanese and getting contacts from members, as well as making new friends, so its really good for missionary work. One of the sisters we helped made scripture book covers for us, which are way awesome! I`ll send a pic once I get my camera, haha.

Well, other than all that.... we just talked to a ton of people. Sometimes everyone we talk to is from far away! like we taught a lesson to someone on the street one day, but we have to refer him because he lives too far away! that will be the second super good referral we have given.

Good news! last night while knocking doors, we found a family to teach! so that will be way cool! apparently finding a whole family to teach is rare, don`t really know why. My companion says he hasn`t taught a whole family for over 5 months! We are teaching them on Friday at their home, which is conveniently about 4 minutes from the church by bike. Honestly I was almost shocked when she said, yes, you can come back. Anytime is good. We`ve knocked a lot of doors, but it has never resulted in an appointment before! haha. Well, it did once, but that appointment fell through. Anyways.......

Well, That about wraps it up for this week. Do something crazy this week! and then tell me about it! haha ^O^


Next week, on Adventures in Japan:

Elder O`Reilly meets his new district leader, teaches a family, a few progressing investigators, and (pray for this one.... haha) some new investigators! Also, Elder O`Reilly goes to Osaka for some 40th year anniversary of Osaka Stake thing! (wait, what was that last one??) ( I don`t know what it is or why we`re asked to go, haha.... but we are going on Saturday ^^ )

(No pictures this week... he had to send his camera home for repairs... hopefully he gets it back this week!)

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