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Week 9: Living Faith 生きる信仰

日本の冒険!Week 9: Living Faith 生きる信仰

So it was a crazy long week. I always talk about the train being magic. It makes the days short and the weeks long. Rode the train a lot this week. I love the train! ^^ Get to see a lot of Japan, and if no one wants to talk, I get to study up some Japanese. You know that`s right. ^^

Ok, so week highlights:  Taught 森村兄弟 thrice, Monday Tuesday and Sunday, Taught 二口兄弟 once, taught 遥 Once, and taught the 吉田 family once. Went to a training all day Thursday, ending the day with giving my second Japanese Priesthood Blessing, and went to a district meeting on Friday. Yeah, that`s right, I probably had a more awesome week than you did. Sorry. haha ^^

OK. So 森村 is doing well, we just taught the word of Wisdom yesterday. Its going to take a few weeks to work through that one. he was all like `What?! Why do I have to give up tea and coffee?` He is a funny guy ^^. He drinks tea 5 times a day, smokes, drinks coffee, and drinks Sake. But, he is giving up sake and Cigarettes for 2 weeks to see if it is what God wants. So progress! ^^

二口 is doing awesome! He was sick for 2 weeks before, so we had to review some stuff and back track a little, but he is way excited for baptism! we set a new date for the 30th. Get ready for some baptism pictures! ^^ He is completely following the word of Wisdom, coming to church each week, is already into the book of Alma, prays everyday, its all looking really good. This is the guy I found my first day in the mission. Cool stuff! ^^

遥。 that probably doesn`t look too familiar.  She is our new progressing investigator! Met with her again this week, (she is the member referral) and we taught the message of the restoration. Highlight of the lesson was when we told her God knows her name. She said すごすぎる!(That is too awesome!)  At the end of the lesson, she offered a closing prayer. It was an incredible experience! She said she felt something, during and after the prayer. Something strong. pssssstttt..... HOLY GHOST!!!  ITS THE HOLY GHOST!! haha. Good times. Afterwords, she came to 英会話 which was fun. then before she went home, she basically pleaded to be allowed to come to church...... ummm..... yes. yes you may come to church. haha ^^ Unfortunately her mom made her stay home and study, but she will probably come in the future.

Last monday, we went to 清水寺。 HOLY AWESOMENESS. GO LOOK IT UP RIGHT NOW. OR LOOK AT MY PICTURES. OR BOTH. Incredible place. awesome temples, some water of eternal wisdom fountain thing, incredible views, sweet pagodas. I hope I can go during Sakura season!! I`m sure its basically something worth dieing for. Anyway, just look at my pictures. yeah. haha.

My personal study has changed since the training in Kobe. So at Kobe, I got together with all the people I was with for 2 weeks at the MTC, which was way fun. Unfortunately, one of the sisters and one of my MTC companions had left already, for very different reasons, but it was still way cool. Got to hear about everyone else`s areas and such (they are all in the middle of no-where, lol) But anyway, President basically told us, you shouldn`t just read the BoM straight from front to back while studying on your mission. I was like, oops. ok. got to change that. So I`ve been changing my studies and learning a ton more. For example, Friday I studied what I call `Living Faith`. I read from the JST of James chapter 2, the part that says faith without works is dead. I figure if faith can die, then it should be alive! So thus the theme for this coming week is Living Faith. I will be focusing on works that show God my faith, so he can have faith in me.

Have a great week!

Next week on Adventures in Japan: Awesome stuff. Get crazy excited. We will get 二口兄弟 all set up for his baptismal interview!
I`ve gotten a hair cut since this picture, ok? don`t judge. haha.

Desktop backround #23423

These things fill my soul with happiness for no real reason.

some building. It is probably awesome.


Explanation nessisary? I think not. Do I wish I could spell nessisary? yes.

awesome view.

some random Guy.
Some high shool girls I overheard called him Ron from Harry Potter, which I found funny.


I could spend days just at this one place.

OK. Proud of myself for this one.

These kids were fun. They liked talking to us because we are weird probably.


You know how missionaries take weird pics and think they are cool?
 yeah. I don`t do that.

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