Wednesday, May 1, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 41: The Country side 田舎

(For some reason this email was caught in my Spam folder and I didn't know we had it, but here it is... :-))

So it was a crazy week. Duke 長老 left on Monday, and transfers weren`t until Friday, so I stayed in Sennan for 3 1/2 days. It was pretty weird.  I didn`t really have a district leader or zone Leader or really an area at all! haha. just floating. But Sennan was a really cool place. Its definitely country side though. The apartment is on the 10th floor, and the view was great! They have cool investigators as well, so we got some good lessons in. I was with Elder Jackson, whose companion also left already, and he`s pretty cool.

So because I was in Sennan between my areas, I had to pack and ship all my stuff in one day. And when I called to ship off my stuff, they said the latest they could come was in 3 hours. haha. So..... I shoved everything in my suitcases and shipped it off. Then took everything out of the fridge and brought it to Sennan. (haha) and stayed there for 3 days, following which I went straight to Omihachiman.

Omihachiman is even more out in the country. haha. Fields of rice and such everywhere. Also, there are a ton of Brazilians and my companion is Brazilian.  So....... I don`t understand what everyone is saying sometimes. haha. In fact, on Saturday we went to a BBQ with Brazilians, Peruvians, Filipinos, etc. No one spoke Japanese or English really...... so a little confusing and a bit strange.

Anyway, the area`s great, and I`m getting a long with my companion fine. Not a lot of investigators yet though. We`ll have to work on that. ^^

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

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