Monday, May 13, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 42: I HAVE NO TIME TO WRITE THIS 時間がない

Hey, soooorrryyy but I have like no time. We went to kiyomizudera as a district, got back a little late, and we have a lesson a little bit before preparation day actually ends.

Here`s what I mailed to President though:

Hey President!

So.... it was an Ok week. We worked hard, and didn`t find a lot of people. But, we did get some lessons set up next week, but not from the housing we were doing most of the time. Always seems to work like that for some reason. One of the new lessons was an investigator from 2 years ago, found in the area book by me. The other was a referral from the abeno elders, that was super easy to set up an appointment with at the church. I`m excited to finally have a lesson in Japanese here! haha. There`s been a lot of Portuguese going on, and I`m excited to have a more active part in the lessons this week.

Getting a call from my family is always a blessing. It gave me a chance to remember why I`m here and what the gospel can do for a family. My family has it pretty good. (^-^)

Looking forward to an exciting week!

Elder O`Reilly

Really sorry I didn`t read and respond to all your E-mails today! I`ll send some pics and then go teach the gospel!! I mean sit there while its taught in Portuguese... haha.

2 lessons in Japanese this week planned! Yipee!

Love you all


Me and comp! (Elder Tores)

So funny thing.... we were waiting in line for eternity water and she was asking her friend how to ask where someone is from. I over-heard and just told her America. She was surprised.... haha!

Eternity water again!! This time I drank from all 3.  My hair looks way red in this picture! I`ve been using black shampoo to make the red darker. Is it working? haha :P

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