Monday, May 27, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 44: Happiness 幸福

Its been a great week! I busted the bike I`ve been riding. (the bike policy changed. We don`t move with our bikes anymore, they just stay in the area. So the bike I was riding was really old, because the last missionary in the area just finished his mission) The bike just stopped working while I was riding it. So I had to walk it to a bike shop, and somehow on the way the back tire exploded. yeah, don`t ask I don`t know. haha. so then I carried the bike to the close bike shop. Which isn`t close, the only thing that`s close is rice fields. haha. ^^

But I decided this week that I need to become more happy. So I did. haha. Funny thing is it actually is that simple. Happiness is a choice that can be made. And it's a pretty good choice to make. haha. So that`s why I had a great week. When you`re happy, everything just goes better.

So while my bike's getting fixed ( its going to be way expensive! but the mission reimburses it because its not my bike...... I think. The whole bike policy is still way new) I`m riding what normal Japanese people ride..... a comfy single gear bike. haha. Its way comfy, but not good for hills at all or speed. So I have to work pretty hard to keep up with my companion.

The conference in Osaka was way cool! It was Elder 青柳 (Aoyagi), so it was in Japanese. They gave us Lunch (curry) at half time, and Sister Zinke, the mission president`s wife, reminded everyone that it was my birthday. So I suffered the birthday song in the middle of like 40 people. haha.

After the conference, we went to sushi for dinner. yeah. Still my favorite food ever. I decided that I`m only turning 20 once, so I better eat 20 plates of sushi. It was tough. haha. Probably going to a sushi place on my 30th birthday is a bad idea. haha. I`ll probably do it anyway :P

Well, we got another new investigator this week, and we have at least one more planned this week! so should be good!

Hey remember to be happy! That`s why we`re here! ^^

Love you all!

The meeting right after lunch. Sorry, really random picture but its all I got. haha.

Oh..... sushi. <3

I had birthday cake at the sushi place! ^^

In honor of the twentieth commemoration of my own birth, I conquered 20 plates of happiness. Sushi.

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