Monday, May 20, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 43: Stake Conference: Kyoto 京都ステーク大会

So yesterday was Stake Conference in Kyoto! It was way cool to be back. I went to stake conference in Kyoto 6 months ago! I met up with the whole Joyo ward again, and they`re all doing great! I sat by Futakuchi 兄弟, the Brother I baptized on my last day in Joyo. He`s doing good! And he was glad to see me.

We have a few lessons with Japanese people set up, but most of them fell through. We did have one new Japanese investigator this week though! ...... He was a previous investigator, met with the missionaries dozens of times, and won`t accept any commitments. not even small ones. He`s an interesting guy, but we`ll be working with him.

Well, its good to know that my efforts in Joyo were good. It was evidence to me that God can work through me, because I know I don`t have the ability or power of conversion. That power rests with God.

Well, Lots of hard work ahead! On my birthday, I`ll be going to Osaka for a meeting! A general authority with be there. Should be way awesome.

Love you all!

Funny thing is these pictures came from before the pictures I sent last week! I didn`t take any this week.

Pretty cool, right? the water goes perfectly still at night sometimes.

This is called melon bread. Just another delicious bread from Japan. Look, it even says delicious bread.

She drew a lovely picture of me on the board. That's me on the right. haha

So get this...... this is the bishop`s son, came for one week to visit. He was my Japanese TA at BYU! Sat next to me during sacrament meeting. Funny thing to meet him here!

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