Monday, May 6, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 42: Sickness...... and faith. 病と信仰

Yeah, I was sick this week. :P nothing too bad, we still went out everyday, but it was pretty annoying.

But we did exercise some pretty awesome faith, before any of the headaches started, haha.

So we decided to exercise faith in a very specific way, following the example of the brother of Jared. I offered a prayer, and in the prayer I asked that the elect would be guided and come up and talk to us. (yeah, that sounds pretty nice, right?)  and then we went out and walked around for about 30 seconds. Then we stopped for a moment and instantly a girl walks right up and starts talking to me........ in Portuguese.  haha. My companion explained that I don`t speak Portuguese, and then had a conversation with her, and her 3 friends. While I stood there looking good, saying nothing. haha.  Well, turns out it was a good contact and we`ll meet with her soon!

Most people might say that asking for someone to just come up and talk to you is too easy, that it would never happen. It was just a reminder to us that we need to remove the horizons and limitations we put on God`s power and rely fully on it! Not that we are going to just walk around and wait for people to talk to us... but a reminder that God can work in more than one way.

God knows each of his children and loves them all!

(that means you too :D)

Other than that I was sick a lot, just wandering around in a haze getting told to go away. haha. but we also went to 2 ward activities with non-members in attendance!  so that was cool. Also a member took us out to dinner on Saturday. The ward here is great!

(just so you all know I`m doing much better! It was just a really bad head cold)

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

THE COUNTRY-SIDE!......... STILL THE COUNTRY SIDE......... still the country side.......
haha. Good thing bike rides are fun.

Sorry, I`ll try to get a better pic of this sometime, but all the rice fields
 are flooded with about 2 inches of water! It looks way cool.

One of the activities we did was at the bishop`s house. His house he designed himself, and it`s like all wood! Way cool. The ladder goes up to a loft. (sorry, kind of a random picture, but its a cool house. Has a rope to swing on in the main room that hangs from the ceiling up 2 floors, and monkey bars right outside the kitchen. haha!)

I think my favorite desk so far.

Ward activity! Japanese parties are always packed! haha. The sister cutting had a birthday. ^^ ( the girl in the black and white checkered clothes kept stealing my keys and hiding them at church!  haha. Pretty funny little girl.) There were all kinds of languages going on at this party. Luckily a lot was Japanese. ^^

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