Monday, July 1, 2013

日本の冒険!Week 49: Walking in Darkness 暗闇を歩む

Sorry, too lazy to think up a new title today. haha. ^^

Well the coolest thing that happened this week was actually last Monday. After coming back from hanging out with the district, we just walked around the train station talking to people. One guy called out to us. `I always see you guys on rainy days!` haha. We had run into him before, but that time he didn`t give us his phone number or anything. This time, he decided to walk 10 minutes with us to the church and hear a message! haha. He`s pretty awesome. Had another lesson on Friday, and he is now reading the book of Mormon and praying to know that it is true.  Miracles happen!

 Also had district meeting and a companion exchange. It went really good. I got a lot of compliments already about how the district meeting helped out a lot. It was about finding more Elect because of the simpleness and clearness of our message.

Well, this week should be awesome as usual! It is testing week for college students, so might be a little hard to meet with people but still have a good number of lessons scheduled.

We`ve been teaching more and more lately and it feels really good. Teaching is always a good spiritual experience. Helping investigators progress is probably the best way to progress as a missionary.  Now if just everyone knew how awesome missionary lessons are! I just want to baptize everyone! haha.

Love you all!
Elder O`Reilly

Downtown OSAKA! one of the most densely populated places in the world.  Those trees...... are on the like 11th floor. yeah. crazy, right?

Saw this water clock on You-tube before the mission. Way cooler in person, haha.  Its in the middle of just crazy city. in a train station actually.

GOTTA CATCH `EM ALL!!  ( the elect of God, that is. Maybe Pokeballs would help...?)

And finally a good picture of me and my companion.

And another.

The other Elders in the district.

(when I follow up with the Elders its in Japanese, and when I follow up with one of the zone leaders its Japanese. I`m more immersed than ever before and I'm loving it ^^  )

Going to Fushimi-inari again today with the district. should be fun! I bought a booster-pack of pokemon cards at the poke-center as a souvenir. It was nostalgic. haha. I got a rare holographic blastoise card. Ask any of the kids, they'll know who it is. haha. it was fun.

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