Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 50: Break the wall 壁を壊す

Yes, we are breaking the wall. That is, exercising faith to overcome obstacles that appear to stand in the way of the Work of God. Things have been going quite well lately.

We have been doing really awesome as a companionship learning to work together and just having a blast working hard everyday.  Been seeing a lot of progress. This week, 2 times when we were out looking for people we found someone and had a lesson right then. 4 investigators came to church yesterday, and we have 8 progressing investigators right now, with more on the way.  We taught lessons everyday this week and deep cleaned the apartment today. haha. All in all things are looking good.

Our lessons are improving with time, and one of our investigators just said he likes talking to me because it makes him feel good.  I really love this area and the people here and my companion.

Well, I love you all! Have an awesome week. Exercise some faith and do some things you can`t. That`s what me and my companion say a lot. ^^

Elder O`Reilly

Hey mom, Japan celebrates your birthday! Its called the star festival! 7/7.  Pretty cool, right? it was a really good day over here in Japan. Everyone was really friendly and such.

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! while I may have forgot 4th of July, I didn`t forget your birthday. Did you get my present in the mail? I bought it at fushimi inari.  I had everyone in the district sign it. haha ^^

Happy Birthday Mom!! From Japan.

Elders of the district at fushimi inari

The District! sorry, not the best picture. :P

Me with a lot of arches. and a weird face.

bought some chopsticks with OReilly written on them. In kanji. ^^
This one is just for Meagan. I thought of you when I bought this! It was waaaay good.

The Zone! (had zone training meeting)

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