Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 51: the rescue 救出

So we had a pretty exciting week.

First thing though is Transfer calls!
Elder Hoshino is leaving....................................... I`m devastated. haha.  He is so awesome. He is going to be a district leader/ trainer next transfer...... on his 3rd transfer. Which is unheard of. Really sad I only got to be his companion for one transfer.

My new companion is....... I don`t know yet. He`s still in America. haha ^^ Its a new missionary! I`ll be training again, this time from the beginning.

Also, Hirakata will be receiving 2 more missionaries, Elder Rasmussen, (who was in my district in Fukuyama) and another brand-new missionary.  Plenty of room in the apartment, so it should be fine. 3 MORE sisters will be coming to Sekime, making my district 5 companionships, 12 missionaries. wooooahhhhhh.

So the rescue, right? we rescued a person, physically. Well... mostly it was Elder Hoshino. (He wants to be a firefighter, so He knows what he`s doing). There was this 20ish year old girl laying on this bench, and we were wondering if she was OK, and when it started to rain, hard, we realized she was probably not ok. We ran over and she was breathing really hard, and in a lot of pain. (I don`t know what from, it was internal)  Elder Hoshino carried her out of the rain, (I saved her phone and purse...... woah! what a hero I am!) and then we helped her as best we could until the ambulance came.

Also, we set a baptismal date with another investigator! He`s 77, and he is way awesome. I`m kind of worried, `cause he talks a ton and I don`t always understand it all, (and now Elder Hoshino is leaving), but he`s great. We taught the message of the restoration, and I invited him to be baptized on August 10th. He accepted the invitation quite firmly. I love sharing the message of the restoration. There is always a special spirit that comes when the first vision is recited.

He came to church for the 3rd time in a row yesterday, (hasn't missed a Sunday yet) , along with 3 other investigators. Things are going quite well.

Well, I`m going to enjoy my last 5 days with Elder Hoshino!

Love you all!

Chilled chinese Noodle dish we made....... sooooo gooood............

Found this beetle in the house. Don`t know how it got in. 2nd floor window seal.

Now this is cool! It`s a secada, freshly come out of its shell. Extremely rare to see. Elder Hoshino said it was the 2nd time he ever saw this. It can`t move until it is dry or something....? it was right by our front door when we came home last night.  We got the shell this morning. haha.

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