Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 53: And now for something completely different. 今から別の話ですが。。。

We`ve been having a blast. We`ve been talking to a lot of really cool people (its summer break for some people now)  and finding some really cool people. We`ve been using different contacting approaches than just trying to flag people down, and its way more effective and fun. For example, we found a dying secada on the ground and my companion picked it up (its huge) and we took it to people and asked them what it was. (even though we already knew, haha.)  It was good to break the ice and we will soon meet with a new potential investigator because of it. We did it again with a feather, and we are meeting with that guy tomorrow. haha. Its pretty great. Everyone just naturally loves my companion, so we can stop groups of people and families out for the day and have gospel conversations with them.

District meeting went pretty good, with 12 missionaries in the district, I was pretty nervous but everything turned out well. They are all outstanding missionaries, and the numbers in the district just skyrocketed this week. The other area in the district, with 8 missionaries in it, were able to bring NINE investigators to their ward of 40 people. That is a lot of extra people. haha.

We had a baptism yesterday! The baptism was awesome! I preformed the baptism, and he is going to be a great addition to the ward. Love that guy!

Well, looking forward to another really fun week! Love you all!


So the festival we were going to go to last week wasn`t going on, so we went here instead. ( I`ve been here before.)

My companion is going to destroy it. haha.

We did this thing where we split a watermelon with Bamboo! I didn`t get to do it, but this is one of our investigators before he split that thing in half! It was awesome. It was at a family home evening activity the ward did. Really fun.

The party on Saturday!

BAPTISM! it was great. o(^-^)o

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