Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 60: ZTM

ZTM is Zone Training Meeting. Its where me and my companion train all the missionaries in the Zone for 3 hours. So that took up basically all our left over time until Friday morning. We spent a lot of time preparing for what we should share, but it turned out really good.

The zone has 17 missionaries in it. 14 of them have less than 21 weeks of experience. yeah. pretty crazy. Most of them are either being trained, or just finished being trained and now they are training. Kind of insane, but they are all really great missionaries, and with some help they`ll do a lot of awesome things.

Things in Matsuyama, despite having not much time this week, are really picking up. We didn`t have any investigators at church last week, but yesterday we had 3 to church. It was great. One of them was a guy we met on the street, invited him to church and he came in his car!  Also on Sunday we taught a lesson to a member`s girlfriend. She has a pretty good friend in the ward, so she should progress well ;)

Let me tell you, the blessings of the Lord are upon us. Its kind of ridiculous how prepared some of our investigators are. They just want to get baptized! So we`ll be working with them and probably see some baptisms really soon.  Also..... this apartment had literally everything I needed. I`ve been wearing this really cheap $1 watch because I broke and lost like 4-5 watches already. I needed a new bag, and I was short a suit. The apartment had exactly those things lying around that my companion didn`t need. Gives me testimony of the scripture that says not to worry about what to wear or eat, it will be given. haha. The suit fits perfectly, kind of crazy. Got tons of compliments during ZTM on my suit. So pretty awesome.

The Lord is making it pretty obvious that He`s looking out for me. I love the Lord and I love feeding his sheep. This truly is His work and it will go on! ^^

Love you all
the church is true
Elder O`Reilly

sorry, no pictures. I forgot my camera at the apartment

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