Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 61: Good things come to those who wait 忍耐のある人には、よいものがもたらされる。

Hello everyone.

So as far as meeting people goes it was not such a good week. Everyone was really busy. School`s starting up soon and such.  The people we did meet with are awesome though!

It was Saturday. We didn`t have any new investigators this week yet, and none set up. We were talking to people in downtown Matsuyama, and no one was talking to us. Then, my companion was like, We need to talk to THAT guy. So we chase him down. Turns out, he has some heart trouble and can`t go out and do stuff so much, so he has tons of time. Also, he`s been listening to all sorts of missionaries from different churches. He agreed to meet with us. The next day we go to his apartment, teach him and his friend, and they give us a referral and we get a return appointment with both of them. So, pretty great. Its easy to think that all your efforts are being wasted when no one will listen to you..... but as long as you`re following the spirit, you will have that opportunity to share.

Our strongest investigator came to church this Sunday looking sharp in a suit. He`s doing great. Really has a strong desire to be baptized and do what is right.  His baptismal date is the 13th of October.

Well, this week we already have more appointments set up than last week, and its only Monday. So it should be a good week.

I love you all! and I love this Gospel.

Elder O`Reilly  

This is a lot of the missionaries I came to Japan with! We met up at Mission Leadership Council (so they are all zone leaders or Sister Training leaders)

Getting ready for Zone Training Meeting

I made fried rice again. haha. Recently I`ve been topping it with kimchi and mayo. Don`t say its weird if you haven`t tried it! In Japanese we call that 食わず嫌い。 haha. its way good.

This is what it looks like with kimchi and mayo. haha 

found a POKEMON

Really cool shot.

Sun shine in the rain.

The sun was really cool yesterday

Some things you might see if you take a bus across the island of Shikoku

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  1. Fun pictures, Elder O'Reilly! Thanks for sharing! We love reading your posts.