Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 62: working miracles 奇跡を行いましょう!

So it was a good week. Lots of good things going on.

On Tuesday, we didn`t have a single lesson planned. All our investigators were just too busy! So we just went out with faith that something would happen. In the morning, we went out and not much did. We came back for lunch, and during lunch we felt we should go to this huge park. So we did. The park was basically this giant mountain. As we walked up the hill we started talking to this guy. Kept talking to him all the way up, and at the top we were able to sit down and teach him a lesson. The second that lesson finished, I noticed 3 people walking toward us. So went over to see who they were. Turns out it was a member with 2 of his friends, one of which we met at English class previously. After talking for a couple minutes, the member invited his friends to hear our message. They said ok. Lesson number 2.  Then we went down the mountain and into the city. We were walking down this street, and we run into one of our investigators, who was waiting around for his job to start in a little over an hour. How convenient. We sat down and taught him a lesson. Number 3. Then, we walked a short way over by this mall called `takashimaya`, and my companion felt like he should call one of our other investigators. When he called, the first thing the investigator said was `Hello, I`m in takashimaya`. ....... How convenient. We are right outside. We had a lesson with him as well.

We had a lot of really cool experiences like that this week. Also, a referral from Tokyo came to church this week, and she has already heard most of the lessons and wants to be baptized, so probably she will be a pretty strong investigator. haha.

Something I`ve thought about (not just recently, but over the last couple months) is that we should not ask or pray that we will see miracles, but that we will have the guidance and power required to perform miracles. To have the things we need to complete the task we are allotted. As a missionary, that task entails finding, converting, and baptizing the children of God. How great is that task! and with that great of a task, God is willing to provide the guidance and power required to complete it, if we ask him. I`m so grateful for the chance to serve. I feel myself strengthened everyday.

Love you all.

Elder O`Reilly

Found this random building. Costed 300 yen to get in..... wasn`t much inside. haha.

Us drinking pretend mugi-cha ( its a safe tea) in the cool building.

Found yoda. (in that same building)

Went into this cool museum. it was a museum for some book / newspaper series thing. Called 坂の上の雲 (the cloud over the hill). They were really excited for foreigners to come into their museum. 

Found a studio Ghibli store!! Way cool! Unfortunately, everything was crazy over-priced. haha. Still cool to see.

Dougou hot spring.  The one featured in Studio Ghilbli`s `Spirited Away`. Pretty cool to see it. Also some random Japanese guy.

And the back side.

We visited imabari for district meeting. (usually we stay in matsuyama). I did the translation (into Japanese).  I love translating. haha. They said it was weird at some parts because it was too good. haha.

Me in my suit that I found. Pretty great, seeing as it was free.

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